Welcome to Hickory Street United Presbyterian Church

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Hickory Street Presbyterian Church was founded on January 28, 1856 as the German Presbyterian Church. In 1931 the name was changed to Hickory Street Presbyterian, and in the early 1960s it was given its third name, Hickory Street United Presbyterian Church.  Eleven men have served as pastors, four of whom (Nordt, Hahn, Maurer, and Collins) served for a combined 104 years. It is a church of long pastorates, the longest being held by our current pastor. The last German sermon was preached by the Reverend Dr. Theodore Hahn in 1941, and only one pastor, Tom Collins, has been of non-Germanic heritage.
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Join us for Worship

9:15 am to 10:30 am Sunday School
Sunday School for ages 3 through Grade 5
Forum style discussion and bible study for
Grades 6 through 12
10:45 am Worship Service

Worship Service is held in the Sanctuary
10:00 am Worship Services
{Summer Only} Beginning on the
Sunday after Father Day through Labor Day
Worship Service is held in the Sanctuary